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Caulk Seam Between Upper Stucco and Lower Stone Siding?

last month

New house finishing construction. They have the upper 1/2 of exterior walls stucco, lower 1/2 stone siding. There's a thin bit of grout at the stone shelf where the 2 materials meet. It doesn't adhere well to smooth cut stone shelf and during construction has begun to flake off. Eventually it will all come off...

Builder offered to caulk w/ silicon but also recommended simply letting it go. Personally I think it looks fine w/o any grout there at all (and begs the question why did they bother to grout there in the 1st place).

Clear caulk would be 'shiney' and not match, almond caulk might be OK.

I'm tempted to let it go as is (there's already weep holes at the bottom of the stone siding). Any reason I should have them caulk it? Maybe help keep scorpions out - I dunno.

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