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Basement ADU - Order of Operations - Flooring Framing Plumbing

Noah Warren
2 months ago


I spent all of Saturday researching topics to answer my questions but there are too many variables at play and it my first time doing this sort of work, so I figure I'd hit Houzz.

I am turning my basement into a finished 1bd/1ba apartment ADU. Some major facts to know before I get to my question: 7'-4" from existing slab to joists, uninsulated 4" slab floor, location is in Portland, OR (climate zone 9a).

I will be installing under slab plumbing, pouring back the channels dug for plumbing, then I get confused about order of operations. I want to do an ~1" overbuilt/topping slab concrete floor, or at least a thinset layer and wood look vinyl. Do I want to pour the thinset or topping slab BEFORE framing? Or do I want to frame my walls on the rough and patchy concrete slab, and then pour the floor after framing and/or drywall?

Additionally, if I do stick with a 1" topping I need insulate to make the flooring comfortable to walk on in my climate? I don't have too much room to loose but I could do a 1/2" insulation layer on top of existing slab before topping slab but I won't if I don't have to. Heat to be cadet in bathroom and bedroom, mini-split in main living area.

Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance for your suggestions,


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