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New Family Member: Bjorn, the Cat

6 days ago

Early last November, I had to put Serenity, my lovely little Ragdoll lady, to sleep, three days before her 21st birthday. She was my last cat. I was going to wait for spring to get a new cat, but...

I figured I'd show the newest household member off, a big hefty 15+ pound neutered tomcat. He was found on the streets of North Carolina last summer, and then rescued and fostered in New Milford, Connecticut. He's the feline equivalent of a mutt.

I was online looking for Maine Coons in need of homes, and found an 11-year-old one back in my old CT stomping grounds, so I wrote enquiring. Alas (or maybe not), he'd just found a home. But the agency told me about the then-named Eugene, a three year old in need of a home. I thought about it, and went down to investigate. He had been fostered in a house, and he was very friendly - nothing feral about him at all. He came home with me, and became re-named Bjorn.

They had a hard time placing him because he is FIV+. I fear he escaped from someone's car passing through or was released onto the streets if his previous person or people became incapacitated or worse/ Unfortunately, Bjorn isn't talking. Well, he talks, but he hasn't said what happened.

He's simply wonderful!

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