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How do I transition from one trim color to another (den to kitchen)¿

2 months ago

We have been doing a very slow (years!) remodel of an old farmhouse. We have a beautiful dark tan/cream (SW Bagel) trim in all of the rooms.
We have been working on the kitchen for about a year and have gone with white, raised panel cabinets. We will have matching white crown on and above the cabinets, and of course, the rest of the kitchen.
We are now having a dilemma because we are trying to figure out how to transition the trim color from the den (dark tan/cream) to the kitchen (white). We love the tan trim color, so it's not even an option to repaint it.
Obviously, we need to make some kind of transition, or something that ties the 2 trim colors together.
I was thinking possibly a mid block or "something". Maybe something outside the box that i haven't thought of. As you can tell by the pictures, we are going to have transition problems with the crown, window/door casing AND base.... By the way, the subway tile isnt quite finished but I think you can tell what the finished product is intended to be. Help!!!!!

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