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Thoughts on Bahama shutters?

last month

New Yorker seeking advice from all of you more familiar with tropical design.

We are so grateful and fortunate to be building a home on a golf course in SWFlorida. The west-facing side of the house is at risk for being hit by stray balls (one broken window already). Front in house is south facing and not at all at risk. Windows and sliders at back of house fairly protected by lanais (we do not have a cage).

It was suggested that we install Bahama shutters (as seen in 4th picture) as a way of averting the risk.

Any thoughts? Any other ideas? Would the house look odd with Bahama shutters on one side only? Windows in front of house don’t offer much room for them and windows on east side just look out onto vegetation.

Lastly, I’ve noticed some homes pick and choose windows to have or not have the shutters. Should we do the same or should all windows have the treatment - if we go with this option.

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

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