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Front Door & Shutter Color Help

Kimberly Gerard
4 months ago

Hello! Brand new here and I’m really hoping this community will be able to help me out. Our wood front door and shutters were stained with dark brown interior stain by our builder and a year later, have significantly faded. We’ve had multiple quotes to get them sanded and re-stained but the total cost is out of our price range. Having them painted is cheaper and supposedly requires less maintenance than stain so I’m leaning towards that route but I have no idea what color to pick. The painter suggested black but I’m not sure black will coordinate well with our stone color? I was never happy with the dark brown color of the shutters to begin with, I thought a lighter brown would be more complimentary but I just don’t know. I’m including a picture of our house. Please help us pick a color! Thank you so much. :)

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