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Need kitchen design help for small kitchen

Ann Joseph
14 days ago

Hello everyone! I am once again asking for help with my kitchen design. About 5 years ago I posted asking for help to update my kitchen without changing the perimeter cabinets and appliances. The consensus was to save my money until I could redo the whole kitchen. Well that time has come! Everything is coming out.

My restrictions are: not moving the back door (it opens into a sunroom), I can open the wall between the kitchen and dining room but it will have two posts about 12” wide from the ends where they currently are. Way too many issues in taking the whole wall down. Two windows in the corner can be changed, as can the heating (there is a radiator under the window). The other single window will stay. It is a very dark south facing kitchen. I cannot expand the space.

About me: Empty nesters, one child and his family (two kids, a 2 yo and a 2-day old!) live close by and my grandson is here often. I have large family holidays (20-25) once or twice a year, several dinner parties (8-10), and other smaller gatherings throughout the year. I like to entertain.

I am posting a picture of my current kitchen layout drawn on graph paper and pictures of my current kitchen.

New plan: On the wall with the refrigerator: 30” pantry, 36” fridge, 27” base, 15” wine fridge, 24” drawers. One 27” wall cabinet with glass doors above the 27” base.

Other section starting from the door: 6” cabinet, 24” dw, 33” sink base, 36” corner lazy susan, 9” cabinet (or drawers), 30” stove/oven, 18” drawers. Above: 27” upper, window, 12” upper, diagonal corner with lazy susan, 15” upper, 30” or 36” range hood, 15” upper.

My biggest dilemma is how to incorporate some kind of island with seating for 2 that will have a spot for microwave drawer, garbage, a cabinet for pots/pans and utensils. If I open the wall I can put cabinets on the dining room side that connect to the kitchen island. A big obstacle is the narrow entrance through the hallway. I do not want to close off that hallway.

I would love any suggestions on how to design this kitchen with the limitations mentioned above. I know I am trying to get a lot into a small space but this is what I have to work with.

Many thanks!!

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