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Wood kitchen cabinets need advice!

2 months ago

Hello! We are renovating our kitchen and would love some advice on cabinets! Our house is a 1928 Spanish/modern house, and most of our decor is in the mid century vibe. We are struggling to figure out the best plan for cabinets. The image below is our inspiration for the kind of cabinet look and wood we want. Honestly, this entire kitchen is dreamy. I’d love to do similar countertops and tiling as well so open suggestions on those too!

Back to the cabinets :-) we have been working on a design craft made because you were told that the quality is excellent. However, looking at samples of the actual cabinets they have at Home Depot from Kraftmaid looks so entirely different from the wood cabinets on their website! I don’t understand it. On the website they look totally natural and without this laminate on them. But in the store they are laminated and apparently there is no option for non-laminated unless you void the warranty.

Are we completely barking up the wrong tree by looking at kraftmaid? How do we find great quality cabinets that have this exact look?

The kitchen with the white tile is our inspiration photo. The 3-D model is where we have gotten to do so far with our design.

The last two pictures are our downstairs living room. The Archway in the last picture will be cut wide open and behind that will be our kitchen that we are renovating. We will do all new paint and go with something clean and bright. Nothing stark or white, but Probably a very light sandy color or something. So yes the yellow will go! Our downstairs living room will be part of our kitchen when we do the remodel turning into one large room. Our living room has dark wood beams and dark wood doors. Floors are a warm wood. If anyone has suggestions on what type of wood and stain would go really well to offset our floors and a darker door/beam accents, and where to get them, I would be extremely grateful! For tiles we were think Cle….. I can’t quite tell what countertops are in our inspiration photo but I love them!

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