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Notes from a coat checker

last year

During the off season, tour guides are given the option to help out in different capacities. Last night I was a coat check attendant for a very large formal event. There were hundreds of women wearing gowns. It was like being (or rather working) at an awards show.

Here are a few observations from behind the racks:

The classic black gowns never go out of style. (Although most women wore a color other than black,)

Navy blue is vey popular.

Pearls are timeless. Tiaras not so much, (unless you're royalty)

There was just a scattering of velvet which surprised me given the January weather. But the velvet dresses in emerald green and the ones in crimson were beautiful.

Lots of sequins--very few done well.

My favorites looks:

The classic ones, of course.

The women who work a black gown with a fitted v-neck bodice and long skirt. There was delicate embroidered tulle over just the skirt. It was drop dead gorgeous.

Another woman who wore a black tank shirt/silk pants combo (one piece) with that beautiful draped belted look and sheer panels (same color) over the pants. She was so elegant.

My other favorite was a woman wearing a baby blue one shoulder short dress that just looked amazing on her.

Any woman with longish hair had it pulled back into a coiled chignon. They all looked gorgeous but like they went to the same salon.

Shoes killed far too many women. By the end of the party, lots of women were visibly wincing in their shoes. Hat tip to the few women who brought comy shoes to dance in and/or

change into later. Woman with the brown shearling flip flops--you are my hero!)

Women don't wear hose anymoore. A few, more mature in years did, but the vast majority did not.

Final note: Nothing ruins an outfit like consuming too much alcohol.

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