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Am I supposed to plant these, or use them as a Tiki torches?

last year

What are folks in our region supposed to do with these?

Our central TX Lowes is now getting its bare root roses from Pan American, which is apparently based in British Columbia. The amount of wax on these is insane, and if not judiciously removed, it seems to me, will cause the stems to stew under self-contained wax greenhouses in our Texas sun.

Tyler TX is not very far from us, but I wonder if garden centers have been having more issues from the plants in their fields that would justify this decision, or it it is just a corporate wholesale decision to import roses.

(I do note that RRD as well as chili thrips do exist in the Tyler area, and wonder if that could justify the purchase of Canadian plants?)

Many of the plants offered do not seem overly appropriate to our region, though that doesn't mean I'm not tempted to try them...

(Anybody have experience with e.g. "Morden's Blush" or "Topaz Jewel" in our region?)

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