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Awkward 90's living room shapes - pellet stove niche?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Our new fixer-upper has a wonderful lake view but many awkward shapes (built 1989). We are going to put in a window on the other side of the pellet stove (slightly longer than the one on the right). My husband wants to just close up the stove niche. I'd like to tile it (herringbone in a cream color) but we can't afford that right now. We don't need it for warmth, the room is south facing.

What do you think? Sheet rock the niche away?

Or put up some shelves and make it a bookcase?

The other strange living room shape you'll see in the pics holds the powder room. So bizarre. But we can't afford to move it right now so are considering sheetrocking the space above so it goes to the ceiling - avoiding the dust magnet that is the upper shelf and hopefully reducing the way the eye tends to travel there.

Pro sheet-rocking to the

ceiling or not?

Thank you!

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