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What to do with dinette area?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello! My wife and I just had our 7th child, 11 and under. I previously built a bench and now-thoroughly-destroyed table (children). We have found this seating area to be useless as we have too many people for this little area and it’s too hard to squeeze into the bench. We have a large dining area next to the kitchen, so we don’t need the seating for diners. Any idea what to do with this area? My wife thought maybe put a couple of comfortable chairs there, for people to sit while keeping cooks company.

I’m open to almost anything. The problem is, the windows are just at counter height. We don’t really need more storage, as we have a large pantry cabinet in an adjacent room. There probably isn’t plumbing available for a prep sink, although that would be cool

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!

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