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Kitchen Layout-- help needed

last month

This is what we've come up with so far. The sink wall has spectacular views, so we plan to add either a large glass panel or multiple windows. Distance between fridge panel to upper on the stove wall is 108". The sink is not centered in between, nor could it be due to the size constraints. Ideally, at least one window in kitchen would open, which glass panel obviously wouldn't allow. If we do multiple windows, we have to be careful that the window trim doesn't end up in the middle of the sink...because that's what you'd be staring at.
So, any window ideas that would open and not obstruct view at sink?
Is the panel the way to go?
Would you do white uppers? What is shown is much darker than we selected (Thyme by Woodharbor). Since there are only 3, I'm wondering if that would look odd.
What about the upper that deadends into the sink wall? Is that awkward? It's currently drawn that way to allow us max wall space for large window(s). I don't love corner cabinets and figure we could just put stuff we don't use all the time on the far side of it. Any other ideas?

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