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Need advice for cleaning stsucco

2 months ago

Take a look at the attached photo. The area above the glass doors is a deck where they were doing some flooring work. They put a layer of cement then the ground the cement to make it smooth. They didn't clean it up and then there was a heavy rain.

Above the heavy white streak is where the deck drains out and because they didn't clean the deck, the water that spilled out had lots of cement dust which left a nasty white streak running down the side of my house.

What is the best way to clean this? I'm afraid this cement will create a permanent stain on the grey stucco. They are going to power wash it and they mentioned using a degreaser. Is a degreaser a good idea? I don't know if it will help with a situation like this but I'm worried about it doing more damage. I have experience with stained stucco from using the wrong cleaning product and I'm afraid of something like that happening again. Any advice and suggestions appreciated!

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