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Swamp milkweed: the species vs. Cinderella or ice ballet?

2 months ago

Have you found the cultivars of swamp milkweed like swamp ballet or Cinderella to be nicer than the species and shorter?
I've grown ice ballet milkweed in my last garden, and it always looked very nice and was probably never over 3 feet (it was probably less than that). I had it in probably 3 hours of sun and a pretty dry spot (it was in a garden with good soil but that was seldom watered) and it was always upright with no staking.
In my new house, my new garden has the common species swamp milkweed, I planted it last year from good size plants, but they grew very tall, probably four feet and they kind of leaned over. They're in full sun and a place that has decently moist soil that's wet in spring. I wasn't really impressed with the overall look of the plants (and it would be great if they were shorter).
When I look up the common swamp milkweed or the ice ballet milkweed, however, everything seems to say that they're the same height. I don't want to go through the hassle of replacing the regular swamp milkweed for a named variety (I'd move the regular swap milkweed to a different area that's not in my main garden) if it's going to be as tall. I don't know if the ice ballet grew as nice as it did and shorter because it was in a different environment or what.
For anyone who's grown both, did you think the named varieties of swamp milkweed (ice ballet or Cinderella) were significantly nicer than the species?
Thank you!

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