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What do you want to grow this year?

Last winter I happened upon a delightful little book called A Garden from a Hundred Packets of Seed by James Fenton.

In it he writes ”ask simply: what do I want to grow this year? Forget design fir a moment. Design has become a terrible, stupid, and expensive tyrant. Thr emphasis here is all on content. Such a garden should have the same beauty as an allotment. It says: This is what I felt like having this year.”

There us liberation in these words.

For me, there is also validation since my passion to try everything has always tugged me in this direction.

So what seeds are you trying this year that is new to you? and what are your tried and true varieties.

I will be planting pandora poppies again

peony poppies, Lauren’s Grape poppies, larkspur, ’blue bedder’ salvia and ’big blue‘ salvia. This year I will try two new salvia ’Oxford Blue’ and ’Summer Jewel Pink’ (to see how it compares to my beloved ’Coral Nymph’). I will grow gomphrena ’fireworks’ again since the self sown offspring didn’t shop up last year as they did in years prior. Same with celosia, I have packet of ’Asian Garden.’

This year I’ll grow Digitalis ’Camelot’ again, but will also try Dalmation and Pink Panther and the perennial variety Spanish Peaks.

I can’t pass up Zinnias. oh how i love zinnias! ‘Exquisite,’ ’Purple Prince,’ and ’Zahara Double Raspberry Ripple’ are favorites. I will try a bee variety ’Hidden Dragon’ that caught my eye. I will grow more chives because they help keep the squirrels and voles away. I love the snapdragon ’potomac orange,’ and I can’t pass up viola for the spring.

there are other native perrenials too, but you get the idea. 🙃

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