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A big thanks to Oakley for posting the DVT question a while back

18 days ago
last modified: 18 days ago

I can't find the thread to post on as I wanted to put it there for a follow up, but I really want to thank Oakley for posting the question if she might have a DVT after injuring herself and also all that posted on the thread with what to look for. I didn't participate in the thread, but I did read it and thanks to that thread I immediately identified that I had a blood clot in my arm as I had all the symptoms mentioned. Had I not read the thread I doubt I would have gotten medical treatment as fast as I did.

I went to urgent care as soon as I realized it. They sent me to the ER. The reason for urgent care was because that is what they had in the hospital where I was at the time - out of the country and visiting the hospitals palliative care unit. I ended up in the ER's hospital with a catheter heparin drip to resolve the DVT which was fairly large going from my clavicle to my elbow. Although there went a few days between that treatment and the ER visits where I was started on heparin. I'm still reeling a bit from the experience along with everything else that unfortunately transpired on my trip (step dad and dad both passed away) and I managed to also get the flu, along with an allergic reaction to the contrast used to check that my lungs were clear. I'm now waiting on doctor's appointments to figure out the cause of my DVT as it is not related to flying. I did get TOS ruled out after a 4th Ultrasound that shows the clot is all gone now and no residue, There is a narrowing in the area, but it is not large enough to need a rib removed and should have performed fine. They are monitoring it to see if they need to use a balloon to make it larger. So now waiting on neurologist and Hematologist appointments and waiting is not my strong suit.

Oh and thankfully I don't have to deal with insurance issues thanks to being a citizen of the country where it happened and if you are a citizen and living in the US you pay the same as a citizen and resident of the country for emergency care. So in all my cost was $25 for the Urgent care, ER visits, hospital stay, all tests and imaging done etc. + $250 for my 30 days worth of heparin shots from the pharmacy after I was released from the hospital which I could send off and create a claim for with my insurance, but I have decided it is not worth the hassle to me at this point.

I think I still have some PTSD at this point although at the time with so much going on it didn't register and maybe it is the waiting to figure out the reason that is causing this to surface.

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