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Those containers that have plastic bags inside of them

Someone sent a snake plant to my dad's funeral. It's a nice plant, but the container is something like rope with a plastic bag interior. It's totally sealed up, no holes or anything.

The florist just sat the nursery pot inside of the decorative container, but it's a very tight fit and the pot rim is about 2" lower than the rim of the container. The only way I could get it out was to pull out the plant, then used a skewer rod to pry the nursery pot out.

I can't just leave it in the container like that permanently, because water would sit in the bottom and rot the root.

I could cut slits in the plastic, but then I'd have to sit it in a tray and that would probably rot the bottom of the container.

What do people usually do? Pour like 2" of pea gravel in the bottom to bring the nursery pot up to the rim of the container, and just remember to dump any standing water regularly?

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