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New layout for old stone house in Southern Europe

2 months ago

Hi there!

My neglected old stone-and-concrete house in Southern Europe needs major repairs (kitchen, garage, ALL the plumbing, crumbling outdoor stairs, leaky floors, doors, windows, zero insulation...). I decided to take advantage of the renovations to improve the layout and I would love some feedback.

Things to note:

  1. Converting the bottom floor into an apartment.
  2. The front of the house sits directly on a narrow street without a sidewalk. I want to move the upper apartment's entrance to the side, putting in a recessed door, to make entering/exiting safer. Also improves access to/from garage.
  3. Hoping to improve the garage layout as well to make parking easier (huge issue right now) -> made calculations, mocks, and tests, and new layout should work.
  4. Moving the upper apartment's kitchen/dining to the street-facing rooms because it is the noisiest and least private part of the house by far.
  5. Improving privacy around existing bathroom on the ground floor.
  6. Adding washer/dryer to the upper apartment.
  7. Take advantage of stunning views from the top floor.
  8. Convert top-floor closet to bathroom.
  9. Follow building code
  10. The financial aspect is all good.

Happy to provide measurements.




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