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Primary bedroom color scheme help

Hello! This is my first Houzz post (although I have skulked on several discussions), so please bear with me and my questions :).

We moved into a new house a few months ago and have slowly been working on getting our bedroom set up (please ignore some of the mess around the bed!). I have put in hours of internet scouring to finalize a few other things that I know we need a decision on and still don't feel like I have a clear idea.

I have these yellow lamps I love that used to belong to my grandparents that I've been using as the room inspiration. I'm having a hard time finding a few things that will help make the room feel a little more complete. I also might have leaned into the yellow a little too much and feel like I need another color or something else of visual interest on the bed to break that up. My partner is NOT into MCM design, so I'm trying to find items that look nice with the lamps without going too far into that style.

There are three things that I'm working through that I've love advice on:

1. Duvet cover - solid or patterned?

  • (currently the insert is on the bed) I kind of like the crispness of the white with the yellow, but am concerned about being able to keep it clean as we typically sleep with the duvet on us (plus our elderly doggo). I've been thinking about a light gray as another option, but am not sure if that's too boring. I've also been looking for something that is monochromatic, but still has texture - like a chambray, small herringbone pattern, or a waffle weave. I'm open to more colorful patterns, but I don't see much of that on duvets these days that I'm drawn too. I used to always go to Crate & Barrel or West Elm for bedding, but they don't carry much that's patterned anymore. I've been looking on Spoonflower, but am a little overwhelmed and not sure what the quality of the fabric is like.
  • 1a. Wall color - this is something that has complicated the duvet cover search. We do like the color (although, the walls need a repaint) and I think that it looks pretty good with what we have so far. In the picture I took, the color looks a more gray than it actually is - it's more like the picture with the chair and lamp I attached. We lean towards the blue and green color palette overall, but it's made it difficult to find a duvet that would look good with that color family plus the yellow (which is part of why I've been leaning towards a more neutral duvet overall).

2. Nightstands - I feel like it's been a part-time job to find nightstands. When did they get so expensive?? I'm 90% sure I'm going to go with the one attached, but can't decide if I should keep the white like we have now (which are mismatched and driving me a ltitle nuts) or go with the contrasting wood (with different hardware). We also do have plenty of space to do something that is wider and more like a chest, but we don't really need the additional storage.

3. Trim - I'm also waging a campaign to convince my partner to let me change the trim to white. Would love to hear any thoughts from folks that have done this before and considerations.

If you made it this far, thank you! I appreciate any advice and comments on any of the above!

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