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Growing Basil in Florida?!

Miss Hibiss
last year

Hi, everyone!

OK, so it seems that there are no posts here in this Herbs section yet, so... *first!!!* :D

I have had a long, arduous battle with growing basil here in central Florida. Most common scenario is it stops growing shortly after I put it in the ground (full sun! happy, moist soil! or even happy, dry soil!). It looks lovely at first, but after a week or so, it starts looking all forlorn and then dies. I've never overwatered, or underwatered, sometimes fed with plant food. Same thing every time.

Absolutely no clue what I am doing wrong. Sometimes, some nurseries are better than others, as my basil bought from Publix seems to have a much longer life and vigorous growth than the Bonnie basil I pick up from Home Depot (I've been trying to convince my mom that something is quite wrong with Home Depot basil--or is that just me??).

So, you central Floridians out there--any suggestions or stories from you would be greatly appreciated! <3

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