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Roses that got the shovel

Mischievous Magpie (CO 5b)
21 days ago
last modified: 19 days ago

Something possessed me I guess, I just tromped out into the freezing garden and took the shovel to Moonlight in Paris and Le Petit Prince. My reasons: Le Petit Prince gets thrips and thrips and more thrips on every flush. It repeated well enough but even the spring flush was less than 15 blooms, and again, thrips. I will miss the fragrance, however, and it did have a very nice lavender color, though I didn't like the bloom form. Moonlight in Paris was sometimes that pretty apricot/pink color, but more often was cream, had basically no scent, and very upright growth habit which I didn't love. Also in the heat the petal count went way down for me and I didn't like the way that it looked with fewer petals.I do feel a bit bad killing them since they were alive and healthy, but I have such a long wishlist of roses I want to try, and am really pressed for space, so in the end decided they weren't earning their precious real estate. I have a small garden so I want to really love the roses I have. I didn't love them. Now that I've given them the axe (shovel), I can let the guilt dissipate. I'm free!What roses did you guys decide didn't make the cut for your 2023 garden?

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