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Am I being ridiculous? (Re: getting a dog)

13 days ago

I had dogs most of my life ... until about 7 yr ago when I lost 2 dogs a little more than a year apart. One had cancer and the other died of old age (18 yo). Both losses hit my heart and I needed time before getting another ... and then my vision issues became much more severe very quickly. I had surgeries and about 4 yr ago, I stopped driving.

I have been ready and wanting to get another dog for a few years now but I am hesitating because I don't drive. It would be a burden on others to go to vet visits and I am most concerned about an emergency-- how would I get my beloved pet to the hospital if needed? Note: while I have taken a pet to the emergency hospital, it was never a "must go this minute" situation. Still. It could happen.

We're an animal family ... and of those of us who live nearby, I have two sisters and two nieces with dogs. I know they would support me as they could but they all work and have busy lives. Friends are not all that close and also live busy lives. I would have to be very desperate to ask a neighbor... and I would hate to be a burden to any of the above.

I know many people have pets and do not drive ... no judgement on them but I feel like it would be irresponsible of me and it makes me a little anxious to think about. I am mostly adjusted to not driving but I do miss the freedom. I can take uber but it becomes more complicated if wanting to take a dog along. I do understand that a lot of drivers don't want to transport pets.

I will continue to give it thought but I wanted to hear thoughts from you all ...

PS I had a mobile vet when I lived in another area and had 4 pets (2 dogs, 2 cats). As of now, there are no mobile vets in my area. That could change .. but for now, I can't factor that in as an option.

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