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Paint Color Dilema

I had all the paint colors for the main living area of my house picked out thanks to a 30 min free consultation from SW. Then, we FINALLY had the kitchen backsplash installed and now I am racking my brain because the color I had chosen for the kitchen (SW Agreeable Gray) does not work with the backsplash, which I have to say that the tile we chose is now looking too cool to me even though I took a sample of the cabinet colors with me to the tile store. That's a whole other post :)

Soooo, another color on the palette that the SW color person chose was Crushed Ice and it does work well, however, the kitchen area is very opened and lots of natural light (West and East facing). I was going to use Alabaster for the hallway that is partially opened to the kitchen, but now I'm having doubts that this is the correct color for the hallway. So, my question really is what color coordinates well with crushed ice that is a lighter color for a hallway. One of the hallway wall will be opened to the kitchen so one wall will be Crushed Ice and the other wall will be the hallway color so they need to coordinate seamlessly. The designer suggested using Pure White for our very tall opened ceilings. So, I'm not sure about using Pure White for the hallway. Also to note - we have honey oak baseboards, doors and door casings as seen in the picture. The picture is showing how the walls in the hallway and the walls in the kitchen are connected. Thank you in advance for reading this long post and for any advice you might be able to give! Oh and excuse the messy island - the backsplash was just finished yesterday. And you can't really tell but the tile has a bit of a gray in it. Thanks again!

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