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Mykonos Quartzite Help for white stains

Jodie Schilling
8 months ago

Hoping to get some kind help and support regarding my new Mykonos Quartzite counters. As background, I initially planned to purchase quartz for my kitchen, but was deterred by the stone shop as we did not want scorching or staining. I was guided to Mykonos as it had the veining we wanted, but was supposedly sturdier than the white quartzites. We were told that sealing would allow us to use the counters in a similar manner to Granite. I did months of research and after speaking to close to a dozen people from various stone stores and fabricators who I thought were experts, found stone slabs that we loved and had them installed a couple weeks ago. Fast forward to installation day and the island, which was our favorite piece, had what looked like bleach stains all over it. The fabricator said that it would dry out and many of the white areas have. That said, there are multiple spots where white circles have remained that are lighter than the rest of the counters. We are at a loss as I don’t know how much time we should give before we have the fabricator cut a new island. Outside of that, this was our favorite piece and the one that had the most beautiful veining in gold and gray. Has anyone had a similar situation with Mykonos? Did it ever resolve naturally? Any other updates on this type of quartzite or advice on things like preferred sealants and maintenance? I know there are horror stories and as much as I truly did research, it is not until now that I am finding out how temperamental this product is. I went on the advice of who I thought were experts, and am now very frustrated. We are in no position to replace these anytime soon, but we do not want them ruined either. Any suggestions for this specific stone would be greatly appreciated.

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