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how to transition baseboard trim into thinner material on same plane?

Mike L
14 days ago

In my bathroom I extended out the waterproofing and tile about 6 inches from the tub edge. I used a Schluter profile on the end of the tile to give it a finished look and hide the rough side of the tile.

I’m finally installing my 3/4” thick (1x4)baseboard trim, but don’t know how to butt the trim to the Schluter profile because the base trim would stick out further than the tile/profile thickness (3/4” vs 3/8”-ish).

My thought was to do a 45 miter that takes it down to the 3/8, but I don’t necessarily know if that gets me anywhere different as the trim is box-y and now I’d be introducing a new angle?

Curious what others have done or would recommend?

This is a common 5’ x 8’ bathroom that goes vanity - toilet - tub. The stretch of trim is behind the toilet and runs into the vanity so it’s only about a 30” run, but where these two join would be visible to a person standing and looking toward the toilet.

Would a narrower piece of trim to match the tile/profile be the play?

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