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DYSON horrible customer service

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I’ve just had it with dyson!

I purchased a dyson oversize for almost 1k several months ago. The vacuum never worked right. It would not vacuum bird seed (my old dysons vacuumed bird seed just fine). It had difficulty vacuuming anything but dog hair. It just pushed objects ahead of it. The filter was constantly dirty. I cleaned it all the damn time, waiting two days for it to dry. It finally quit vaccuming. I called dyson early dec and facetimed with them. I was told it was a manufacturer defect and they would send a new one when they got back in stock. I told them that was not acceptable. I need a vacuum now. I paid for a vacuum, therefore I want a working vacuum. After over an hour on the phone, they said they would send a v8 to use until the oversize came back in stock. it was to arrive dec 22.

The vacuum never came. I waited a few extra days in case it was delayed by the holidays. I called dyson. After another hour on the phone and I was told it was not company policy to send a v8 out. I was told to ship the oversize back and that the vacuum was in stock. I had just had surgery from a bike wreck and could not drive. Dyson said ups would pick it up at my house. UPS never came. I called dyson back. After more time on the phone, I was told UPS would arrive to pick it up. UPS never came. Meanwhile there I am every day dragging that damn box I packed for UPS in and out of the house every night after back surgery. I finally contact UPS by facebook. I’m told UPS will come the next day. No one comes. I msg dyson again and they say no one had promised that. I send a copy of their msg. Promisnig UPS would come. They set up UPS again. FINALLY UPS picks up the vacuum Jan 3 and delivers it jan 5 to dyson. I was told the new oversize would be ”expedited” to me. It’s jan 14. NO VACUUM has arrived. I have been on the phone with dyson for almost THREE HOURS total on my saturday. Guess what? the oversize is out of stock!! So now I have no vacuum after paying $1000 for the vacuum. I have four parrots and two dogs. I have spent HOURS on the phone with dyson just trying to get what I paid for! I am back on hold again. This is nuts!

Can someone recommend another company to buy a cordless vacuum from?

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