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Can I bareroot dormant fruit tree in colder weather?

I have a Katy apricot tree that I'm keeping in a container. I bought it at the end of summer and never repotted it because it was so hot in Phoenix. I want to repot it in some good mix and do winter the pruning at the same time. Our daily highs are in the 60s-70s right now but we still get cold at night. This coming week will bring some cloudy/sprinkly days and our overnight lows will dip into the mid 30s for a few hours. My grapefruit tree is forming its spring buds right now. I don't know if the apricot buds are swelling yet but they are definitely bigger than the buds on my bonanza peach. I want to do this before the apricot tree starts to wake up. Is it okay to bareroot and repot it with those overnight lows, or am I better off waiting for warmer weather?

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