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Cost to add Bathroom and move plumbing around in ranch style home

2 months ago

Hello! We are debating a house that’s been on the market in Austin for 55 days. It’s overpriced, but thinking if we come in under list we might get it for what it’s worth. And it’s truly an amazing house. Checks every single box on what I want but one - it’s a 3/2 and we want a 4/3. Worth noting that it’s septic.

It has a generous sized ADU that was build in 2017 that is not plumbed

Square footage is pretty good (2,800 sq ft) and I know we could add a 1/2 bath somewhere in the mix.

But, before we put in an offer I’m curious what the worst case scenario might be to add a half bath later on? Likely somewhere not near an existing bathroom so we’d have to get into the foundation.

Would love to hear your experiences/thoughts!!!

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