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Help from a designer or architect on external facade updates?

2 months ago

Hi All,

I recently completed a pretty massive hardscape project at my home. The house is on a lake and sits on a hill. When built, the hill wasn't properly supported and was slowly sinking, causing the house to sink as well. To resolve, we had to build a very large wall to support the hill and house.

I am now at the point in the project where I want to update the house exterior to blend/compliment the hardscape. The house is in yellow and green vinyl, which we always wanted to update.

Here are some pictures from the lake side of the house. The wall is limestone, the patio is dark gray unilock pavers, and the railing is white aluminum with glass slats - these all will not change. Also note, we plan to build a shed at beach level (bottom around where there's a blue boat) on the left side to break up the wall and also add storage - we'd like to use the same exterior material as what we put on the house to make it all match and compliment. We also need to wrap the steel support poles, steel beam, and under-side of the top porch with some material.

And here is a picture from the street/driveway side. Open to any/all ideas here, including changes to siding, doors, architectural elements, as it is not very appealing now.

Thank you in advance for any ideas or thoughts!

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