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More declutter.

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Today it was bobbins and thread.

I found, tucked in a drawer, one of those bobbin boxes filled with metal bobbins for machines I no longer own. Into a zip lock for a thrift store.

Thread cleanup was not so bad. I inherited an av film spool cabinet, four drawers just a perfect size for spools of thread. I did pitch a few really old spools, wouldn’t trust sewing with them, although they might be ok for basting etc.

The biggest declutter was for the embroidery machine. I do remember posting once that, in the day, I absolutely had to have an embroidery machine. And I have never used it. I bought it on ebay so it came with a lot of addons. Whoever first owned it was serious about using it. Books and books and discs galore. And all of this was stored in different parts of the room.

I took an empty bin, filled it with everything book related and discs etc. , put a label on it and put it on the shelf with the embroidery module. And all of the other boxes of specialty feet are on the same shelf. So everything for that machine is together.

That felt good!

And I am thinking of the day when my children have to clear that room out.

Wonder what she will do tomorrow!.,

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