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2023 Greens list

AmyinOwasso/zone 6b
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have an embarrassing amount of lettuce varieties. I'm a sucker for red lettuce and went on a quest for butter lettuce a couple of years ago. I could order every variety Fedco carries. Anyway, some are getting old so I'm planning to throw a bunch out in a bed and see what comes up.This doesn't include kale, collards or chard....
Cool Season Greens
Chijimisai (new)
Cress, Upland Belle Isle(new)
Crispy Winter Greens Mix(endive)(new)
Flowering brassica, Kosaitai (new)
Green Full Heart Corn Salad (mache)(new)
Huauzontle, Red (new)
Komatsuna, Old Tokyo (new) (I love komatsuna)
Mache, big seeded
Mache, Dutch Vit
Mache, Granon
Mache, Large-Leaf Round
Mâche, Verte de Cambai
Mizuna, Beni Houshi
Mustard, Pink Lettucy gene pool (this is pretty. I plan on replacing coleus in the front with a pot of colorful Mustard greens next fall)
misome (F1) love this
Orach, Ruby Gold (like lambs quarters)
Orach, Triple Purplesalad burnet (green all winter)
Salt wort (new)
sorrel, red veined (new)
spigarello lisca broccoli (I grew this before, no pests, grew through summer unphased)
Spigariello Riccio (wild version of above)
Tyfon (new)
Yokatta-Na F1 (another old standby)
Warm Season Greens
Cranberry Hibiscus (new) (supposed to taste like roselle)
Doucette d'Alger / Horn of Plenty (from Northern Africa)
komatsuna, Summer fest (this thumbs it's nose at heat, from kitazawa)
Mache, Medalian
Purslane, Golden
Purslane, Organic Tall
Jewels of Opar (flower with edible leaves)
manihot, hibiscus not the same species as the cranberry above, supposed to have high protein leaves)
Melokhiya (Bon convinced me to grow this years ago)
New Zealand Spinach (new)

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