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OT - mysterious orbs of light in digital photos

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Seeing orbs of light in pictures when you don't see them with the naked eye seems to be pretty common. Are there any computer or camera experts here that can explain it? I have read it can be a reflection of a dust mote. My son has security cameras in his home and they are activated by motion. His cameras have recorded orbs travelling up the stairs and hovering over their bed. Recently his bedroom door was slightly open and you could see an orb in the room through the crack in the door. Then the orb came through the wood of the door! Very strange. I don't see how a dust mote would have done that. We have seen orbs or sparkling lights hovering in outdoor security camera footage at our house. I am not prone to thinking about ghosts but I do wonder if modern digital cameras can pick up on energy we don't see.

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