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amaryllis bulb has stalk growing in 2 different places

Fran Barron
8 months ago

I have an amaryllis bulb that came in one of those box kit with compressed soil and pot. It was purchased on mark down from a local Ace Hardware.

The bulb feels fairly firm but the growth is strange and never seen anything like it with an amaryllis bulb before.

The top of the bulb as the start of a stalk and some starts of leaves growing but is a little soft. But the issue I have is the extra growth groing out of the side of the bulb right at the edge of the bottom of the bulb, almost touching the bottom. This growth is firmer than the growth at the top of the bulb.

I don't know how to plant this bulb. If I cut off the growth from the side of the bulb at the edge of the bottom side of the bulb, that leaves the bulb cut on the side of it in the soil.

Can I plant this sideways with roots and part of the bulb in the soil? that way the stalks are just about leaning on the inside sides of the pot if not touching them. will that be OK, will the stalks start to grow straight up?

Anyone have any idea what to do?

Thanks for any help

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