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Compost scrap storage for new kitchen?

last year
last modified: last year

Working on a new home build, and finalizing kitchen layout.

Our initial design had two waste bin pullouts, one that would be for a single larger trash can, and the other that would be two smaller bins for recycling. Was thinking one of the recycling bins would be for glass and plastic, and the other for compostable material (brown boxes and appropriate food scraps).

We're city dwellers moving out to the 'burbs, so don't know too much about composting at this point.

Since it'll only be two of us in this house, even though we cook almost every day, I imagine it would take awhile to fill the compost section if we did the full size bin, so it would become stinky and fruit fly heaven.

Would the smarter move be to just use a countertop or under sink compost scrap bin, that we more frequently take out to the heap? Or is there some sort of slick built-in compost bin I'm missing?

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