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Rooftop HVAC/Ducting very loud booming noise in wind

5 months ago

Hi! I'm trying to get more information before I actually attempt to access the roof or report this as I'm really just unsure what is acceptable.

We live on the top floor of a 9 storey building. When we get southerly winds above about 50km/h gusts the HVAC ducting (whatever you call the big sheet metal boxes on the roof?) makes a loud booming noise that often wakes me up. It's like the sound of someone throwing around a washing machine - that sheet metal noise.

I've linked a couple of voice notes but it's really hard to get a good recording from my phone. You'd definitely have to listen with headphones. Rest assured it's loud enough to wake us up and scare a cat.

Is that normal? There doesn't seem to be anything screening it from the wind, and I doubt I could get the building to pay for that unless it was abnormal/damaged/damaging etc.


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