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What is wrong with my dragon plant?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I bought a margineta recently and it has continually been shedding leaves. It does get indirect sunlight (not a ton, but I would have thought enough) and I was watering it with about 2 liters every 2 weeks (it's winter here). However now it seems the soil stays moist even after 2 weeks, so maybe it was an overwatering issue? If so, do I need to change for dryer soil now or would it be OK to leave on the basis that it will eventually use the water?

Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong or should try would be greatly appreciated, as I love it and I'd really like to keep it alive!

Thank you all. The pot doesn't drain but the soil has these lava rocks in it to absorb the water. But the person who potted it placed them throughout the soil, whereas i think they're just supposed to go in the bottom, right? And the soil is currently wet still after at least 2 weeks, so thinking maybe I should change for dryer and place rocks at the bottom?

Here is a video link: to show positioning in case it's a lighting issue, but my guess is it's probably indeed overwatering. Thank you for your thoughts...

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