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Setting an IntelliFlo VF pump on "timed manual" mode???

2 months ago

I have an IntelliFlo VF pump that has worked perfectly for my 19,500 gal. pool since the pump was installed in 2009. Shortly after install, I started using Manual mode rather than either Filter or Feature modes because it gave me complete control over flow rate and energy usage, rather than depending on the computer in the pump to decide what's best for me. I've run it 24 hours a day at about 1,550, which pulls about 204 - 230 watts depending on filter cleanliness. I've been happy with these settings, never having any sort of algae or cloudiness issue despite keeping the chlorine levels on the low side, despite living in Palm Springs where 122 degree highs in the summer are not unknown, and despite having water temps in the very high nineties in July, August, and early September. Accordingly, I'm just fine with the pool circulation 24 hours a day at that flow rate.

Recently my electrical company put me into a new plan where the KwH price doubles between 4pm and 9pm each and every day of the week. The obvious response is to have the pump shut off during those hours while upping the RPMs a bit for the remaining 20 hours in order to compensate for the reducing run times. The problem is that I've looked at the IntelliFlo manual and for the life of me I can't figure out to simply run it at, say, 1,650 RPM from 9pm to 4pm every day. Some Filter and Feature settings allow you to set start and stop times, but I just want a simple preset RPM approach rather than having the pump decide on the flow. Is what I want possible, and if so, how might I go about it?


Nick in Palm Springs