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Don’t have a decorating bone in my body

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Help! The fact that I hate clutter, like open, non-crowded spaces, have absolutely no talent for decorating, and am completely intimidated by making decorating decisions, means I do basically nothing. But I have a couple pressing things in our great room that need addressed.

  1. We currently have a leather couch, chair and ottoman, but I need more seating. We are keeping the couch. I was thinking of putting 1 chair where the leather chair is now and 1 chair where the Christmas tree is in front of the window. Would it be better to keep the leather chair and get 1 new fabric chair or get rid of the leather chair and get 2 new fabric chairs? What color? What about ottomans? ETA: I just realized the ottoman isn’t in these pictures. We moved it to try the chair/ottoman in a different location and hadn’t moved it back yet.
  2. I want to get a new media stand with closed storage to hide some of the fireplace clutter (matches, kindling, etc).
  3. I have no idea how to decorate the mantle. Any suggestions welcome!
  4. I would like to do something with the dead corner to the left of the entry foyer (the wall where the little robot vacuum is parked right now).
  5. I think I need a rug by the entryway, but overall, we don’t use rugs in our house due to allergy issues.
  6. Completely open to other ideas, keeping in mind that too much furniture in a space overwhelms me:). But I recognize sometimes people need a place to put their drinking glass down at.


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