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How do southeastern Conifers fair in the PNW?

Palms And Pines
5 months ago

I was looking at some old forums on how PNW do in the southeastern us and the consensus was generally not not good, but this got me thinking is the opposite also true, how do species like pinus taeda, pinus elliotti, pinus clasua, pinus echinata etc, do in the pacific northwest? Im sure none of these would be very common besides bald cypress which I know is grown. I imagine the limiting factor for something like slash pine isnt its the cold but its form itself and its inability to shed snow well, that being said I cant seem to find it now but I know ive seen a picture of either a elliotii or taeda in portland, it looked OK not great but alright. Hopefully someone from out that way can give me some insight on how these do around there.

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