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Landlord and neighbor causing serious issues for my quality of life

5 months ago

I've rented my home for 4 years. It's an old funeral home that was divided into separate living spaces. We have all always lived more as roommates than separate tenants. Making sure to care for others wellbeing and having communal dinners. Things like that.
The house sold mid summer. The man rented the original house part that's connected to mine moved out. I got a new neighbor.
I have chronic fatigue/fybromyalgia and migraines among other issues. I asked the woman to not use scented products because the air flows right into my home from hers and the laundry room is a wind tunnel between the houses.
There is a forced air system that was originally used to heat the house but after dividing the space they both got gas heaters installed. Due to an issue between the new landlord and old tenant he took the gas heater when he moved our. He had bought it and the new landlord refused to pay him for it.
The thermostat and regulator for the forced air are in her unit which is 4 times the size of mine. I have 5 vents in my tiny home and no windows that open.
My bedroom was built into the furnace room so it's right next to my bed. The noise it makes keeps me awake all night.
I've had a combined 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night for 3+ months.
I told the new landlord and neighbor about the heating issue in June expecting it to be remedied. Bur the landlord and she refused to install a gas heater and have forced me to live with the repercussions of the forced air system.
She burns incense uses very strong smelling laundry products and other scented items. All this comes wafting in thru the laundry room, along the wall that divides the units, gets pushed in by the air vents. It completely invades my home, I've been suffering the health affects for months.
The landlord and renter know the adverse affect this is all having on me.
My neighbor had turned hostile calls me "an entitled white women" threatens me and harrases me with texts saying I better not bang on her walls when I haven't done anything like that.
It's 8am and she is doing laundry I have to work today and the smells from her laundry are making me very sick before work.
I've called and written every institution I can think of to no avail.
I live in Washington state.
Any precedent or advice for ending this situation?
I can't move, I have no money to do so. My current home allowed my animals but I'm not able to find a new place that will accept them.
I planned on living here a long time so made life choices that suited this living situation.

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