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Share your favorite feel-good citrus photos

John 9a
2 months ago

It's nasty cold outside now and I'm looking at weather news and wondering if all the time I invested in covering my trees yesterday will be "fruitful"....sorry.

I was looking for some older photos on my hard drive and ran across a folder of citrus photos. Some remind me of warmer days and some are photos of trees that got taken out in the hard freeze in 2021.

I know lots of you also have feel-good photos we all want to see.

Here are a few to start.

Feel-good is often an anticipation of a dessert so here are ingredients for a strawberry/lemon (meyer) sorbet.

Dead ripe Satsumas from 2016

And juicing some...

Blood orange juice is sooo tasty!

And some Ponderosa lemons

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