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Mounting TV above mantel in 100yo house

11 months ago

Hello -

We are renovating a beautiful 100yo very traditional brick Colonial and trying to minimize how much we change / touch it while making it really livable for our family with little kids. I think we unfortunately need to mount the TV on the mantel above the fireplace. It's a brick chimney with a wood mantel on top (working, wood-burning fireplace that we will definitely use). I know it's not ideal but can't figure out how else to orient the room.

The room is 28 x 16, with no solid walls - floor plan attached. We have a [brand new..] u-shaped sectional that is 12x8.8.

Are there ways we can safely mount the TV above the mantel? (Safe meanting both to protect the mantel and protect little kids from falling TVs...) We don't have a TV for the space yet so open to any and all suggestions!

(We are not keeping the green paint!)

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