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Arch window and door window treatments or not?

Lidia Croteau
last year

Hello!! Please help!

This is our front door and next to it our dining room window. We are facing west so it the summer it is impossible to have dinner in the dining room because the Florida sun it hitting us real hard in the eyes and the temperature in the room is extremely hot!!

I love natural light and if I could I would have no window treatments but I have no choice. I would like to have thin curtain panels on the side of the window from the ceiling (not from below the arch). I don’t know if I can do the same for the door?

Also guys look at the top moulding and how the window is recessed… its really hard to out a pole there.. I am thinking of layering that with a roller shade?

I want to have the possibility of opening it in the morning but closing it in the afternoon

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