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Cub Cadet snowblower can’t find fuel shutoff

5 months ago

We have a new snowblower Cub Cadet model 31AM5CVS756 bought last year that we are getting ready for this winter. It’s a 2 stage 26 inch. It won’t start, and the priming bulb seems to have no resistance “feel” when pressed, which leads me to believe that there is no fuel getting to it.

I can’t find a fuel shutoff anywhere, and can’t remember from last year if there was one or not. It doesn’t try to run at all, whether starting with the manual or electric starter.

We followed the starting instructions to the letter.

After having problems with numerous gas powered yard tools over the past few years, my husband still left a small amount of the old gas in this thing over the winter. To say that I’m PO’d is an understatement.

Is there possibly a shutoff we just aren’t seeing? The manual shows several different engines and I looked at all of the possible locations, but maybe there is something I’m missing. I hope. thanks.

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