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Organic/Safe-for-Wildlife lawn food or fertiliser advice

11 months ago

Hi All,

This was a discussion I posted in relation to general gardening, and it was suggested I ask for more info here 😊

I have a lot of wildlife in my yard, but my lawn also needs a boost over winter, and I don't want to damage the infrastructure in my garden.

We have many birds, hedgehogs and squirrels, which often bounce around in our garden.

I wonder if anyone has any experience with organic/natural lawn feed or fertilisers - and if they are even worth using.

Not sure if it's ok to post links here, but for reference only, the Organic Feeds I was initially looking at...




Any other/better suggestions would be appreciated!

I have also seen people recommending mushroom compost, and I wonder if there is any substantial gain to something like this over an organic lawn food?

Thank you

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