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Marmoleum flooring color for kitchen and dining

last year

In our renovation, we are taking down a shallow wall between the kitchen and dining area to be able to extend cabinetry. Our dining area is original red oak that I really like and that is seamlessly into the living room) and the kitchen is ceramic tile that I despise and plan on replacing with marmoleum click.

I want to do a floating floor to eke out every mm of height and don't want to install cabinets over flooring, and trying to match the oak even if we COULD float it would lead to serious scope creep I fear, because we can't do the living room at the same time, this is our entire first floor, we have a very small house.

This photo shows where the existing kitchen floor and dining meet, and where the new cabinet layout will run - butting two floors in the direct center of the range is not ideal! :) I really think I have to just do that whole half of the house in whatever I choose.

What colorway should I look at for marmoleum in these rooms? I had initially selected painter's palette but for such a large expanse I worry it's too much. (It does have our colors all marbled in, though!)

I do not want LVT/LVP or tile, stone, or cold, hard floors. Pretty sold on marmoleum, just working on colors.

These are the colors we are using - turquoise bases, ash uppers, soapstone counters, lots of colorful accents.

This is a houzz photo that really captures the vibe we want to end up with, right down to the open shelves to hold my colorful LC collection! The colorway in this photo is discontinued, it appears (for click, there are zero marmo installers in this area so sheet is out).

Thank you!

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