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11 months ago

Dear Members of the Gardening Forum,
I was entranced by the Frangipani Cutting
that I received from my neighbour after rooting her in a large glass water jar.
Her growth rate and development was phenomenal and within a month of potting in a terracotta pot, raising the pot in a gravel filled Sauer for water runoff, she was thriving-
The Inflorescence that emerged was amazing and I felt confident that I would be quite close to see her blooming.
From my position in a Northwest facing garden in Johannesburg, South Africa, placed her on my pool deck where she received 8hours of sunlight per day.
We are experiencing torrential summer rains and due to a ferocious hail storm that resulted in her leaves being battered.
I have resorted to bringing her indoors after noticing that the Inflos were dropping off.
I do see a new leaflet emerging from the base of the stalk which gives me a vote of confidence for her survival.
Any info or advice as to her wellbeing would be appreciated!!

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