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Crowning few weeks after engineered flooring is installed

5 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

A single plank experienced crowning (I think that is the right term based on old posts I read). See picture below. I can clearly see the 4 mm wear layer detached from the plywood underneath. I bought the 8" R&Q select 4mm-wear-layer flooring from a vendor with very good reviews (maybe fake or was I unlucky?) at a high price ($15/sqf) and found a contractor who hired a supposedly good installer to install it. Installer and contractor both complained about the quality of the woodfloor from the beginning. There are some 1-2 mm gaps here and there between planks, installer said this is due to planks not being perfectly squares. Installer complained also about plywood not being a whole piece in one plank. Beside that flooring looks really good. Should I consider asking a certified NWFA inspector to come over? Do you think it could be the installer fault or the wood was actually bad quality as the installer claims? What should I do?

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