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Last two applique quilts from my Covid life

3 months ago

I have the last two back from the longarmer and am prepared to rest and do a few gifts. I've never let a longarmer touch my applique but was worn out when it came to quilting. She did a wonderful job and I'm over that fear. I'll send all the big pieces out from now on.

This one is a pattern called Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt. It's done with a Dresden Plate type of process which I love doing. I may do another similar one using her same blocks.

She does her needle turn a bit differently but it makes it easier for someone who isn't comfortable with applique. You basically stitch a lightweight pellon to the seam line of the right side of the piece and turn it inside out and sew it down. So it does the needle turn part for you. Makes quick work of it as you can sew down with a machine topstitch. It's about 70" x 80".

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